Mass Intentions

It is the ancient tradition of the Church that priests may apply the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for a particular intention of the faithful and receive an offering for doing so. The intentions are usually for the sick, the faithful departed, or in gratitude for some blessing received. On Sundays and Holy Days, at least one parish Mass must be offered pro populo – that is, for the intentions of all the people of the parish. Now that we have weekday Mass established in conjunction with St Mary's, you may have one of these Masses offered for your intentions.

If you would like a Mass offered for a special intention, please contact Becky in the parish office (email; 843.722.7696 ) to schedule the Mass. In both the Diocese of Charleston and the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter (for Corpus Christi), the suggested donation for a Mass is $10.

Want to learn more about Mass intentions and why we pay for them? Read on.

What are Mass Intentions?

What are Mass Intentions?

And why do we have to pay for them?

by Philip Kosloski  Sep 02, 2017

One part of Catholic culture that is sometimes hard to understand and very often misunderstood is the custom of offering Mass intentions.

When a priest celebrates Mass each day, he offers each celebration of the Eucharist for a particular person, or intention. By doing so he applies special graces from God upon that person or intention.

Similar to how we are able to intercede for others by our personal prayers, the Church is able to intercede for us through the celebration of the Mass. However, since the Eucharist is the “source and summit of the Christian life” the Mass possess a power that our personal prayers do not.

The practice of offering Mass for particular intentions is an ancient one, dating back to the early Church.

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