Letter from Fr. Allen - January 24, 2019



Dear Friends,

My family and I have taken a quick vacation to Florida to visit my family and the Mouse. Please join me in continuing to pray for the Johnson family (see below) as they anticipate the birth of their girls at any time. Also, we have several federal employees in our community - please do pray for them as this government shutdown stretches on, paychecks stop arriving, and stress and anxiety build. Pray also for our government leaders, "that they may be led to wise decisions and right actions," and "right soon" at that. See you Sunday!

God bless you,
Fr Allen

[Editor’s note: Read more about the Johnson family, including recent updates, on Caring Bridge. You may help provide meals for them while they are in Charleston, signing up via Meal Train for the Johnson Family, and they are accepting monetary donations to help cover their expenses via their Go Fund Me page. Thank you for your generosity.]