Letter from Fr. Allen: October 6, 2017



Dear friends,

Always we have so much to be grateful for, so many causes of joy, and at the same time, we don't have to look far to be reminded that "the whole world groans in travail," and that the ravages of sin and rebellion and the rejection of God's love are to be seen all around us, sometimes in the most startling and horrific of ways. That happened again this week in the terrible massacre in Las Vegas. There are no words adequate for this kind of evil, which seems so far to have no rationale whatsoever, however twisted, irrational, or unjust, but rather just one individual's cult of death. .

In the coming days and weeks there will be much conversation (often heated, no doubt) about gun control and other measures to help prevent this kind of deadly violence - and those are very important and necessary discussions to have. But the problem goes deeper than politics. Before his Passion, our Lord characterized the age between his Ascension and his return in glory to judge the quick and the dead as one of "wars and rumors of war." But the response of the Lord's disciples to these horrors can never be retreat but rather joyful witness to the culture of life, to a sure and certain hope that perseveres in the face of the death, to the power of mercy and forgiveness. So let us pray for the repose of those who died, for healing for the survivors, and strength to be compassionate signs life for those who struggle in the valley of the shadow of death.

This Sunday evening at 5.30 is our monthly Evensong & Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. We have a very fine little choir to lead our praises. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring friends to experience the beauty of our patrimony and, I hope, the warmth of our community.

Our Wednesday School program got off to a great start this week. Please do join us - and I want especially to thank Scarlett C., Kathryn W., and Hayden & Alice C. for leading Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for our children. See below to RSVP for supper and register children for Catechesis.

God bless you!
Fr Allen